Equipment of employees at the German Pavilion at World Expo 2010

The outfits for the team (230 employees) in the German pavilion are made of innovative biodegradable materials respectively high-tech recyclable material. This emphasizes the sustainability approach of the German pavilion "Balancity" with regard to the topic "Better City, Better Life". The equipment concept of the pavilion incorporates German suppliers, who act as pioneers in the field of sustainable clothing.

Due to the humid climate we chose designs, which are comfortable and airy.

Jacket, Skirts, Pants:

  • Design and fabrication: novanex
  • Made of recyclable Eco-Circle® Polyester


  • Manufacturer: Trigema GmbH & Co. KG, Design: novanex
  • 100% degradable - after the Expo the T-shirts are supposed to be recycled, the premises will be turned into a park


  • Manufacturer: Think!
  • Vegetable tanned leather, Cork sole

Accessories: Bum bag, Cap made of recyclable Eco-Circle® Polyester

Work packages: 
  • Idea
  • Sketch
  • Colour scheme
  • Material concept
  • Coordination
Sub contracts: 
  • Pattern design
  • Fabrication
  • Shoes
  • Shirts
  • Bags
Time frame: 
06/2009 - 03/2010
Koelnmesse International GmbH, Cologne (GER)

Fotos: © Yovohagrafie,
Deutscher Pavillon

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